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Regulatory Compliance Audits

There is an abundance of regulations in the field of aviation. An operator needs to show to the Authorities that they are in compliance with them. This is done through regular audits of all internal processes and external services used.

Our auditors are certified Aviation Auditors, who can assist you to show compliance with various international regulations, such as the regulations set forth by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) or the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

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Crew Resource Management Training

Crew Resource Management Training is a vital aspect of the safety culture of an organization. While it is mandatory for Pilots and Cabin Attendants in a commercial environment, such training can also be an invaluable asset for other employees, such as Dispatchers and Maintenance Coordinators and the senior leadership.
Ingold Aviation LLC can provide you with Crew Resource Management Training for the whole organization. We see to it that the participants of an Initial Operator’s Training, Operator Conversion Course, Annual Recurrent Training or a Command Course are not just given the legal minimum, but that they are captivated by it.

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