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Assessments for Flight Crew Members

The deadline for Commercial Air Transport operations to fulfill the requirement that every flight crew member must undergo a psychological assessment before line flying (CAT.GEN.MPA.175), has just been moved to early 2021. This provides you with an additional couple of months to have a reliable process up and running.

Ingold Aviation LLC, together with its partners, has already a well-established assessment process in place, which covers all the aspects of this new requirement. Apart from covering a legal requirement, our assessments also increase the chance of a sustainable relationship with a company’s greatest asset – the employee. Having the right people in the right place is an investment in the future.

Assessing pilots for their suitability to a certain operation is not only for commercial operators, though. Operators of private airplanes can also profit from this wealth of knowledge.

So please call or email us to see, how our assessment process can assist you in hiring new team members in a sustainable way.


Consulting Services

COVID-19 hit the whole industry hard. Particularly the aviation industry has to rethink its business models – even though predictions for the future are very difficult, given the uncertainty of the whole situation.

Bringing the costs down by making your flight operations department more efficient is certainly one approach to emerge strengthened from this crisis.
Our consultants have years of experience in managing small and big flight operations departments in a highly competitive environment and across various registries around the world. Ingold Aviation stands for a pragmatic approach for all its work – as simple as possible, as complex as necessary.

Call or email us to see how we can assist you with your current challenge.