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New Service Available – CV Review

COVID-19 put a lot of strain on the whole aviation industry. Although it is hard to image right now, there will be a time after this virus.
If you have just lost your job or if you look for a new employment for any other reason, let Ingold Aviation help you with the all-important task of reviewing your CV and writing a memorable cover letter or email. Our employees have gained considerable experience in hiring cockpit and cabin crew members through years of being decision-makers in the hiring process.
We know what other decision-makers are looking for and can therefore support you in these difficult times.

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Regulations Monitoring by Ingold Aviation LLC

In an always-changing regulatory environment, it is crucial for any aircraft operator to keep up to date with the latest changes or additions. Failing to comply with regulations could have serious consequences – up to having to keep an aircraft on the ground.
Ingold Aviation LLC can monitor these regulations for you, so that you can focus your resources on other tasks. You will be getting regular reports, and – if desired – you will get suggestions for implementing the amendments or changes. Ingold Aviation LLC can monitor almost any regulation, but has years of working experience with EASA, OTAR, ANOTO and the Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order.

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Ingold Aviation is also an Employment Agency

Did you know that Ingold Aviation is also an employment agency, holding an official approval from the Swiss authorities?
This way we can support companies looking for the perfect candidate to fill their open positions, as well as pilots, flight attendants and administrative personnel looking for a new challenge.
Ingold Aviation has an excellent network in the aviation industry. Our extensive database of talented individuals, our partners and the various tools at our disposal are the cornerstones for helping you to find your next challenge or to fill this open position expeditiously.

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Ingold Aviation Supports Social Projects in Kaluga, Russia

Every year around this time we are asking ourselves what presents we are going to send to our valued customers for Christmas.
This year, instead of spending money on Christmas presents, we have decided to support social projects in Kaluga with this money through the help of “Verein Kaluga-Thun”, a society dedicated to cultural exchange between Russia and Switzerland and supporting local projects for children and less fortunate people in need of assistance.
“We are proud to be supporting such a good cause and trust that it will have a positive impact” says Ralph Ingold, Managing Director of Ingold Aviation LLC.
Kaluga is a city south of Moscow, Russia with a long history and known for its research facilities and automotive industry.