Project Consulting

Our consultants can provide you with expert advice on various subjects in the field of Flight Operations. What are your needs?

Compliance Audits

There is an abundance of regulations in the field of aviation. An operator needs to show to the regulator that they are in compliance with them. This is done through regular audits of all internal processes and external services used.
Our auditors are certified Aviation Auditors, who can assist you to show compliance with various international regulations, such as the regulations set forth by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
Please get in contact with us to see how we can help you with this important task.


Is your organization undergoing change, are you in some kind of transition, or are you facing a crisis?
Our experienced staff can help you in these challenging phases through taking over important roles and the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. In addition to the tasks at hand, Ingold Aviation LLC will make your organization ready for the time when our engagement is terminated through selecting the right people for the job and training them adequately for their future challenges.
Ingold Aviation has experience in the following managerial roles:
– Director Flight Operations
– Nominated Person Flight Operations
– Flight Safety Officer
– Compliance Monitoring Manager


The field of Flight Operations is very complex and demanding at times. Leading people, managing customer needs and overseeing regulatory requirements while maintaining a safe and economically sound department takes a lot of resources. Additional projects, such as the addition of a new aircraft to the operation, can then quickly exceed the capacity of an organization.
Before you get to this point, call or email us to see how we can assist you with your current challenge. Our experienced consultants will cover the temporary additional need for manpower and knowledge so you can focus on your core business.

Regulations Monitoring

Regulations in the aviation industry are constantly changed or amended. From time to time, there are even new regulations coming out. It is very difficult to keep track of all these regulations. At the same time, though, an operation is responsible for adhering to them – without exception.

Ingold Aviation LLC can monitor these regulations for you, so you can focus your resources on other tasks. You will be getting regular reports, and – if desired – you will get suggestions for implementing the amended/changed regulation.

Ingold Aviation LLC can monitor almost any regulation, but has years of working experience with:
– European Aviation Safety Agency Regulations (EASA)
– Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR)
– Air Navigation Overseas Territories Order (ANOTO)
– Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order


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