Staff Leasing

Ingold Aviation LLC is proud to announce as of January 2024 our services as a staff leaser, holding an official permit to carry out staff leasing both in Switzerland and internationally.

Are you an employer and are looking to streamline your workforce management while maximizing efficiency and minimizing overhead costs? Say goodbye to the hassle of HR logistics and look no further: With our expertise in the aviation industry and a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face, we can offer you personnel solutions that empower you to thrive.

Or are you a flight crew member with employment opportunities on a freelance or service-contract basis and are looking for a Swiss employment contract? Do you already hold an employment contract with a recruitment agency but are unhappy with the terms?
We can offer you above-average conditions in the area of personal and social security insurance.

Rest assured, our staff leasing services adhere to all legal and regulatory standards, mitigating any potential risks associated with workforce management.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can assist you.


Staff Recruitment

Have you been looking for a pilot, cabin attendant or administrative person over a long period of time, but did not really find the perfect candidate just yet?

Or are you a pilot or another flight crew member looking for an employment opportunity in the dynamic and exciting field of business aviation?

Ingold Aviation has an excellent network in the aviation industry. Our extensive database of talented individuals, our partners and the various tools at our disposal are the cornerstones for helping you to fill this open position expeditiously. Since March of 2019 we have an official permit to carry out employment placement, in Switzerland and internationally.

Get in contact with us via email, phone or send a secure message via our “contacts”-form.